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Galloway Lumber Company Profile

The community of Galloway, lies just off the East Kootenay Highway 3
between Elko and Jaffray in the picturesque British Columbia Rockies,
and has been a mill town since the 1920’s,
when a burgeoning logging industry brought families
looking to find peace and prosperity in the rugged beauty of the region.

Galloway Lumber Company Ltd. was established in 1945,
and produces spruce-pine-fir dimension lumber
destined for markets in the USA, Canada, and Japan.

The mill site at Galloway is an expansive area neatly divided
by stacks of logs, rough and finished lumber that surround the enclosed operations,
showing a dedication to care that is evident in how the business is managed.

The Sawmill and Planer facilities have been continually upgraded with a focus on
new industry technology, with dedication to safety and efficiency.

Galloway Lumber Company employs local contractors for harvesting and silviculture,
and the business has enabled generations of families to live, work and play in their community.

Balancing stewardship with production, Galloway Lumber has seized opportunities
to employ workers in habitat restorationduring production downturns
by thinning forests and preserving grasslands to maintain an excellent timber supply
while nurturing the incredible biodiversity in the area.

7325 Mill Road
Galloway BC V0B1T2
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